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University of Tennessee
Managing Your Fear of Public Speaking

Managing Your Fear: After the Speech

Intellectually – assess the accomplishment

  • Be proud of yourself – the fear did not win
  • Take stock of what went well – identify at least 2
  • Acknowledge areas for improvement and focus on 2 for next speech
  • Understand it is normal if you forgot some or all of what you said
  • Consider: what will you do differently when preparing for the next speech?

Mentally / emotionally – be happy / relieved

  • Listen to and Accept compliments         
  • Be proud of yourself – delivering a speech is quite an accomplishment
  • Do not highlight “mistakes” and focus on weaknesses
  • Consider: what are you most proud of? What do you want to improve for next time?

Physically - relax / unwind

  • Breathe and allow your heart rate to slow down
  • Know that some nervous energy is still present and you may have trembling hands and feel hot
  • Maintain – make sure to eat, de-stress, and sleep