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University of Tennessee
Managing Your Fear of Public Speaking

Building on What You Know

This section is intended to provide tools to help you manage your public speaking anxiety. These include activities, an opportunity to email our speech anxiety specialist (Contact the Coach), what other UT students dealing with speech anxiety had to say (In Their Own Words), a discussion board, videos of student speeches, and additional scholarly resources (Additional Resources).

It is so crucial when dealing with speech anxiety to remember that you are not alone.
The overwhelming majority of people experience public speaking anxiety and apprehension to some degree. Few people, even well-educated, accomplished and confident individuals, enjoy public speaking. The objective is not to eradicate your anxiety (that is probably unrealistic) but to effectively manage it. You want to harness that nervous energy into an asset during your presentation instead of a liability preventing you from doing your best. Hopefully the tips and tools listed in this section will prove insightful and useful. If you have further questions or concerns about public speaking anxiety or have additional tips, suggestions or resources to share, please Contact the Coach.